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Ever had a tomato or piece of steak from the supermarket and wondered what happened? They seem to put everything through a de-flavourising machine which kinda takes the pleasure out of eating and makes cooking a bit of an uphill battle.

Great food needs great produce which is why we hunt and gather at markets, scouring the plethora of stalls for the best ingredients on the day, all within 24 hours of your event.

Because I’m somewhat of a culinary fundamentalist we always use fresh herbs.  Most of these come from our garden and are picked on the day. When in season, we also use home grown lemons, limes, tomatoes and zucchinis.  What a hippy, huh?

Dried, packaged and tinned goods are bought from local specialty retailers like Terre Madre, Sonsa Foods, Mediterranean Wholesalers, MKS Spices n’ Things and a variety of Asian grocers around Victoria St in North Richmond, allowing me to feel like a windswept world traveler in my own neighborhood.

When we need something that only a supermarket can supply, the first choice is Aldi for its fairer trading and low food miles policies.  Plus, their catalogues are really handy to start a fire with.

Buying from a variety of small, independent business means we get to pick what is best, especially when it comes to the markets. It also helps support our community and the people working in it, ensuring quality, diversity and value for money. (Honestly, I should be running the country). We’d highly recommend you try some of these places if you’re not already in the habit.

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