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We’re Single origin

We’re what people call a boutique business! Only in Melbourne and for groups of up to 50, we take pride in making every event unique.

  • Small and local
  • Personalised service
  • Hand selected ingredients

What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

We love interesting, diverse food and want to share it with you!

  • Over 100 recipes to choose from
  • Learn hidden regional specialties
  • Flexible programs to adapt to all dietary requirements

Have your cake and eat it

Get tangible results whilst your team have fun.

  • Genuine outcomes without trying
  • Enjoy a great meal together
  • Choose your level of challenge

As easy as pie ­

Our cost effective, flexible programs mean you can relax knowing your team are going to have a great experience and are in safe hands

  • We’llorganise everything so you can relax
  • Experienced and friendly facilitators
  • One price- no hidden extras!

Bring home the bacon

Designed by a learning specialist and chef, our programs are scalable all the way from a great day out with a bit of healthy competition, through to focused investigations

  • Boost morale
  • Embed habits of high functioning teams
  • Option to integrate other learning and boost outcomes
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